Common-Rail System (CR)

Common Rail is a fuel enjection system used for diesel engine which has name as an ''arrester enjection'' or ''common tube''.It is the most outstanding system within the same kind of systems up to the present, according to  its fuel consumption, exhaust values, work system and noise. It is different from the other directly driven block and unique pump system that in Common Rail the pressure formation and injection is seperated from them.While the traditional direct injections work at 900 bar pressure,the Common Rail system delivers fuel to the injections over a common tube  up to 1500 bar by the help of a  rising pressure.The electronic engine controller arranges this high pressure according to rotation speed of the engine and its load.

The injection  is quickly switchable feature obtained by the magnetic valves. So this can give some new opportunities to it to shape of enjection,to measure of quantity of injection and to observe enjection of the fuel. Additionally,again,by the help of these opportunities, the Pilot(front) injection which is the best advantage of the new system can appear clearly.

The pilot injection can be formed before the main injection and  it recovers highly the fuel burn which is related to the exit ratio. The front or multi injection is occured on controlling  the fast magnetic valves at many times.By this way,both harmful substance, noise emission and also the consumption of the diesel engines can be decreased most clearly. The common rail system can replace the injection system easily without making a considerable change in the engine.

The single condition of the seperation of the pressure formation and injection is the High Pressure Arrester which  has got a transfer tube (rail) and a tube outgoing to injections.The core piece of the system is the magnetic valve controlled injection.The injection is started to begin by a signal which goes to magnetic valve from a brain.In the meantime,the quantity of the injection depends on both the opening time of the magnetic valve and the system pressure. The pressure of the system is formed by a high pressure piston pump. This mentioned pump works with low propulsion torque. So,this situation provides to low the load of the pump propulsion.In order to form a pressure,it is foreseen that the kind of distributer pump is suitable for the private cars,and the kind of line pump is suitable  for commercial vehicle.In Common Rail System, the brain,sensors and the other many system functions are equal to the unique pump, as others like; pump-nozzle-unit and pump-tube-nozzle which depends on time. By Common Rail Technics developments can be hear and measure easily. By the help of  the front injection, this direct one works in low noise level of  the front prechamber engine and at the same time it obeys the most strictest rules of the exhaust gas.

Common-Rail types of producers;