Delphi Star Pump


Delphi Star Fuel Pump

OM fuel pump for the Delphi heavy service applications

In Diesel fuel injection systems, Delphi is being the world leader has an experience  on production topics, innovation, designs for many years. Its turning fuel injection pumps can be seen on the millions of automobiles and on the light commercial vehicles in the world.These are consisting of as follow;

*DPC- is designed for fast, indirect diesel engines.In Delphi DPC pomp, there is an internal eccantric pump technology.

*DPCN-is particularlly developed for indirect injection diesel motors, it is based on proved DPC technology,and also uses advanced technology to increase emission control and to provide passenger comfort.

*EPIC-it is a full-equipped injection system for direct and indirect injection diesel engines. Delphi EPIC pumps use ''electronic'' technology in order to  decrease the engine noise and vibration,and at the same time to develop fuel saving and emission by using this technology.

Today's technology, while Common Rail system takes the place of turning system, there is also still too many fuel pumps as DPC, DPCN ve EPIC which has to be  provided service. Delphi supports this situation and by the help of its own authorized diesel network, serve a reparation program for special tools,test equipments and also a training for them.

The difference of Delphi

  • Delphi  is inserted as OE(Original Equipment) to Renault, PSA, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, VW and including Tata, and to the outstanding manufacturer
  • Today there are vehicles at the considerable amounts on the ways which works with Delphi turning fuel pumps.