Delphi Common-Rail (CR) System

Diesel Common Rail System

Provides improved fuel savings, emissions and vehicle performance advanced diesel fuel injection systems

at the beginning of the 2000 Common Rail technology output, diesel engine demands changed radically. In today's diesel cars are now ten years ago is not noisy, bulky cars. On the contrary, diesel cars, may be compared with many gasoline powered car alternative power and performance, is highly advanced efficient tools.

Delphi Diesel Common Rail product is robust and low-cost diesel fuel injection system. Smart solenoid injector design, this innovative system is extremely fast, the same pressure servo-technology competitors injector provides the performance. In addition, Delphi's unique control strategies during the life of the vehicle system, optimum emission control, sound behavior fully and the right amount of fuel and driving performance feed. The main parts of the system, fuel injectors, high pressure fuel pump, fuel filter and electronic control unit is included.

Delphi Difference

Increased stamina for clean, quiet and smooth-running engine

High performance, simple and accurate spraying diesel fuel injection
Advanced fuel-saving and emissions
Ability to up to 2,000 bar