Piezo Injector System

Piezo Electrical Injectors

These injectors neither need to a special calibration nor to adjust the injector by acceloremeter. The Piezo Electrical Injectors has an opportunity to become part of an activity for more than 4 times according to the classical electromagnetic injectors. This situation makes the combustion excellent and also it makes easy  to increase the each cycle of the emission number incrementally for decreasing the exhaust emission. In picture 2.2 the piezoelectric injection is observed as a profile.


The Piezoelectric Principle

The physicists indicated us that some of the crystal substances have feature to tranfer mechanical energy to electrical energy and also electrical energy to mechanic one. And also they indicate that if you apply pressure to a quartz cyrstal, the electric loads on the surface is observed easily. This behaviour of the cyrstal structure is named as piezoeelectric impact. The extension amount of the piezo unit is in direct proportion to the applied tension.

The tension value , applied on piezo unit can be different values between 100V and 200V. One piezo unit ,approximatelly has got  0,08mm thickness and in case of applying  a tension on it, the exchange amount is % 0,15.