Delphi Unit Pump System

The Electronic Unit Pump

Developed engine performance and high performance diesel fuel injection systems

Delphi electronic unit pump (EUP) is a part of the high performance diesel fuel injection system works correlatively with Delphi Smart Enjection or Delphi Mechanic Enjection to make a flexible and active alternative against to the electronic unit enjections.Delphi, (EUP) is designed for long lasting for diesel engine ''in block eccentric'' for heavy duty  uses valve technology whose success is proved in Electronic Unit Enjection(EUE). The peek point of the injection pressure is 2.000 bar in order to obey the latest regulations of the low profile of diesel engine. The Delphi EUP is suitable for to increase the engines of  the mechanic fuel systems and it has got a high fast work property in order to make a fuel setting to optimize combustion for each injection,and a diagnostic test on the vehicle, the capability to the dynamic part and also for developed injection performance.

The Difference of Delphi

*It can be used for practising of the highway and off-highway of the high heavy-duty engines including both DAF and Yuchai 9-16 liters

*It is designed for the below emission targets:Euro III, IV, V ve VI; USA 07, 10 and the ; Stage III/IV; Japan NLTR and after Japan NLTR