Electronic Star Pumps



In the kind of the piston of axial of the star pump,the high pressure is provided by a axial piston, but in radial piston style, it is provided by several radial pistons. The latest generation of the star pumps are the compact systems which has got ECU directly on its over. The most important features of this system are that they have a selenoid valves for the fuel measuring, EDC fixed on the pump and the sensor which indicates the shaft position of the star pump. The sensitive control of the beggining of injection  provides to use the fuel in optimize and also it provides the lower particle, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission and low noise level. The selenoid valve control of VP axial-piston as the star pump,produces 1,500 bar pressure. VP44 radial piston star pumps provides delivery fuel speed as geometrically, and as a result it pruduces 1,850 bar injection nozzle pressures. This pressure is equal to the weight of a private car to a pressure which a man makes it on its own little finger.